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Caught Smoking With Your Girlfriend, Now Make Out With Her So I Don’t Tell Mom & Dad..

Caught Smoking With Your Girlfriend, Now Make Out With Her So I Don't Tell Mom & Dad..

My sis has gotten to that age where her and her friends are starting to "experiment" with different things. Now that she is 18 yrs old, her and her friend Lexy have realized that it's fun to smoke together. The problem is...this isn't the type of smoking that the law says newly turned 18 yr olds are allowed to take part in. This type of smoking not only does the government frown upon, but our parents definitely would not approve!

Truth be told...I have had a little thing for her friend Lexy this past year. She has a cute bubble butt, and I've heard from other classmates that she gives really good sloppy blowjobs.

So when I caught the two of them in my sis's room, with a bag of stuff they shouldn't be smoking...I figured this is the perfect opportunity to see how much the two them really liked to "experiment"??

Watch as I fuck them at first, getting them to kiss and tongue each other right in front of me. At first I was just having fun...but then I wanted more. I knew that I had them right where I wanted them! They had to do what I was asking or else I would go to dad.

This power made me very horny so I started to touch her girlfriend Lexy. As I was touching Lexy I started to look at my sis, and something came over me where I knew if I wanted...I could touch her as well. So I asked her to start to get naked too!

Watch as I get both my lil sis and her best friend to get naked and, the 3 of us touched and fucked each other until I pulled out of my sis's spread pussy and came all over her stomach while they make out together and taste then taste my cum.