Chaos Star Clamped Paddled Fingered

Chaos Star Clamped Paddled Fingered. Escalation is always the name of the game for the sex slave. And so a light paddling puts a faint glow on Chaos's ass. It's just a warm up. Nipple clamps--the tweezer variety--are carefully fitted behind her nipple studs, and then the slightly more nasty clover clamps are affixed to her pussy lips. She takes this in stride. Now the paddling is repeated; and this time the twisting about has more consequences.Chaos's ass acquires a soft rose blush from the ruler, as she resists the discomfort caused by the chains swinging from her nipples and vaginal lips. She clenches the ruler in her teeth, knowing that as the clamps sweat themselves into her, it may be used on her again. Finally Chaos puts herself back together. Her ass is rosy and her nipple rings are available for inspection..