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Daughter Swap 12

Daughter Swap 12. Alex Coal and LEda Lotharia are nerdy girls that don't understand why no one at school thinks they're cool. Their stepdads want to help out so they teach the girls what to do to become super popular.. Aria Banks and Riley Jean made a video for stepdads for Father's Day but they accidentally send a naughty video instead. The stepdads are so shocked but want to find out how good of a day this one can be.. Bella Rose and Leah Lee come up with a plan to rob their stepdads blind, but when the plan falls apart the girls have to do some quick thinking...and leg get out of serious trouble.. Delilah Day and Andi Rose are home from lock up and have to obey their stepdads' rules one of which is no boys. When the girls find that no sex makes them crazy, the stepdads take pity on them and give them what they want..