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Don’t Mind Us

Don't Mind Us. Today's the big game, and six friends (Sabina Rouge, Laney Grey, Keira Croft, Alison Rey, Skye Blue, and Ember Snow) are ready to have some fun. As everyone gets riled up, it's obvious that the grill isn't the only thing getting hot! Gamer Whitney Wright has moved to a new place. She no longer lives with her pesky former roommate, Eliza, but her new roommate, Spencer Bradley, is even more troublesome! Spencer's girlfriend, Mocha Menage, comes over, and they start making out on the couch right next to Whitney. Spencer and Mocha refuse to move, but they offer that Whitney can join them; that way, they can all have fun sharing the room! A rich married couple, Reagan Foxx and Rachael Cavalli, are giving a tour of their house to a homeless girl, Dixie Lynn. The wives reveal that they've always wanted someone they could take care of and say that Dixie can live with them as long as she lets them nurture her in every way. Things progress into a sexy threesome as a way to celebrate Dixie's new life. Welcome home, Dixie and Don't Mind Us!.

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