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Perv Therapy 4

Maya Woulfe visits Dr. Marcus London to talk about her shyness problem. Dr. Marcus London realizes that this girl is craving attention but doesn’t know how to ask for it. When Dr. Marcus Londondiscovers that no man has ever made her cum during sex, it’s his chance to step up and show this shy girl what happens when you come out of your shell!Macy Meadows makes her way to Perv Therapy for some much-needed guidance. Dr. Tommy Gunn has been in the field a long time and suggests roleplaying to get to the root of Macy’s attraction to older men. Macy is instantly attracted to Dr. Tommy Gunn and takes the opportunity to suck his dick. But that isn’t enough, and she needs Dr. Tommy Gunn to fuck her hard to be fully satisfied. The appointment goes so well that Macy can’t wait to come back for another session.When confronted with the dark reality of being jobless and living out of her car, Aria seeks counseling from Dr. Justin Magnum. After questioning Aria about the cause of her horrible circumstances, Dr. Justin Magnum learns that Aria has been suffering from uncontrollable urges to masturbate. Like a good doctor, Dr. Justin Magnum has a treatment plan for Aria’s problems, and takes the initiative in helping her live a healthy lifestyle.Kyler visits therapist Dr. Calvin Hardy to talk about how she’s feeling lonely because everybody else is in relationships except for her. She reveals that she has a deep craving for physical touch so Dr. Calvin Hardy starts walking her through an imagination exercise in which she can explore her deepest desires. Suddenly, Kyler feels Dr. Calvin Hardy’s hard cock and is surprised to find her imagination being manifested. Dr. Calvin Hardy might be unorthodox in his treatment but the results are undeniable!

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